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Termination of Parental Rights in Florida

Courts and legislatures across the country recognize that parents play an extremely important role in the life of their children. Children who grow up without the presence of one or both parents may require therapy or other interventions in order to overcome the pain and trauma of growing up with one or both parents absent from the home. Recognizing this, state laws (including Florida’s statutes) make it difficult for an adult’s parental rights to be terminated. This does not mean that parental rights are guaranteed, however. In certain cases, courts can terminate a person’s parental rights. The circumstances under which… Read More →

ACLU Member – T. Charles Shafer

T. Charles Shafer, Esquire, proudly announces that he has become a member of the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU was founded in 1920 and is our nation’s guardian of liberty. The ACLU works in the courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. GUIDING PRINCIPLES AND VALUES We value justice, where all people are treated fairly, with dignity, and have equality under the law. We value liberty, where all people have self-autonomy, freedom from suppression, and freedom to… Read More →

Dependency – Frequently Asked Questions

What is dependency? Dependency is a legal process where the Court intervenes to protect children who are suffering abuse, neglect or abandonment, or may at risk for such suffering. Who initiates a dependency case? While “anyone with knowledge” may file a dependency case alleging abuse, in actuality the Florida Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) prosecutes all but a slight fraction of dependency cases brought to court. Can my children be taken from me? Most definitely. When can my children be removed from my care? If the circumstances warrant, upon investigation by a child protection investigator, an action can be… Read More →

Marijuana Charges – Legal Trouble in Florida

Treasure Coast Marijuana lawyer Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal substance in Florida and the United States. Although states throughout the country have amended their laws regarding marijuana, Florida’s marijuana laws remain particularly harsh. Charges and convictions can lead to severe punishments, including both criminal punishments and additional indirect consequences. One of the most severe consequences of a marijuana offense is its effect on your ability to legally drive. A conviction for any marijuana charge under Florida law will result in a six-month driver’s license suspension. Other indirect consequences may include being unable to obtain certain financial aid for… Read More →

Expungement/Sealing of a Criminal Record in Florida

What is the difference between expungement and sealing a record? Sealing a criminal history record prevents the public from having access to it.  However, certain governmental or related entities, especially those listed in S. 943.059(4)(a), Florida Statutes, have full access to sealed records in their entirety. An expunged record allows entities that would otherwise have access to a sealed record to be informed that the subject of the record has had the record expunged.  However, an inquiring entity is not allowed access to the record itself without a court order.  They will receive a caveat statement indicating that, “ CRIMINAL… Read More →


ARC of St. Lucie County is holding their 2021 Gene Lofton Walk-A-Thon on September 25th at Lawnwood Stadium in Ft. Pierce. The organization is looking for sponsors and teams. All funds raised during the event will benefit the disabled people in St. Lucie County, and sponsorships are tax deductible. The walkathon is close to the hearts of many in the Arc organization, as it honors a man named Gene Lofton, who spent many years raising awareness and funds for Arc of St. Lucie County. Gene Lofton was not just a man who raised money for Arc, but one who himself… Read More →

T. Charles Shafer recognized by Who’s Who of America

Fort Pierce, Florida attorney, T. Charles Shafer, has been nominated and approved to represent Criminal Defense Attorneys in the upcoming edition of the Marquis Who’s Who of America. Since 1898, Marquis Who’s Who has been the world’s preeminent biographer. Marquis Who’s Who registry lists over 1.5 million accomplished individuals from all areas of life. Inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who is an endorsement of the credentials of that individual. Mr. Shafer is a former President of the St. Lucie County Bar Association. He has been recognized throughout his career for excellent work in both criminal defense and family law. “Being recognized… Read More →

Local Attorney Here to Help

T. Charles Shafer, a local attorney based in downtown Ft. Pierce has been committed to helping Ft. Pierce, St. Lucie County and the entire Treasure Coast be the best it can be, since he arrived in community. His law practice is focused on criminal defense, family law and DUI, but that only tells part of the story. Shafer has served as past President of the St. Lucie County Bar Association, served as a Board Member with the BlueBird Educational Foundation, he actively supports the Special Olympics and Exchange Club and he currently serves as a Board Member with St. Lucie… Read More →

ARC of St. Lucie Accepts Donation

Thomas Bakkedahl, State Attorney-elect of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, recently met with George King, Executive Director of ARC of St. Lucie County and Board Member T. Charles Shafer, presenting them with a $500 personal donation. State Attorney-Elect Bakkedahl said he is proud to contribute to such a worthy cause. ARC of St. Lucie County was created to help improve the lives of disabled individuals living in our community. It is a not-for-profit corporation that provides an array of services to individuals with intellectual, physical, and developmental disabilities. In addition to his service to ARC, Shafer has served as past President… Read More →

Nolle Prosequi

Recently, Mr. Shafer became the attorney for a young man charged with several felonies, including a charge of Possession with Intent to Sell MDMA. After a canine alert, a Fed Ex package from the Netherlands with client’s address was intercepted at the airport in New York by Federal authorities. Thereafter, local law enforcement was contacted. After receiving the package from Federal law enforcement, it was opened, and the contents tested. Detectives prepared an affidavit and obtained an “anticipatory” search warrant (allowing a search “anticipating’ that contraband will be found therein). A local detective, dressed in Fed Ex garb and driving… Read More →