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Florida Shoplifting Laws

Have you ever been accused of shoplifting? According to statistics, close to 1 in 11 people shoplift. That is nearly 27 million people in the United States. People in all walks of life are accused of shoplifting; from young teenagers to adult crime rings. Whether you have been wrongfully accused or were involved in a misunderstanding, it is important that you are aware of the laws surrounding your case. In the state of Florida, shoplifting is considered retail theft. The following are examples of retail theft crimes: Changing labels or price tags Taking a shopping cart Carrying away or taking… Read More →

The Benefits Of Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested or accused of a crime can be a very scary and intimidating thing. Not only that, but the legal and criminal process that follows can be extremely confusing. What should you say to police officers? How do you post bail? Will you have these charges on your record for the rest of your life? All of these questions can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to navigate the legal system at the same. When you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your case is in qualified hands. A… Read More →

Getting Your Car Fixed After An Accident

When you have had a motor vehicle accident, you probably do not have the luxury of being able to go without your car for very long. Waiting for the repairs to be completed may be very frustrating, and the process may seem very slow. It can be especially difficult to deal with when you have also been injured in the accident. When the other driver is at fault, there are certain things you should do to make certain that driver’s insurance company pays for the repairs to your car so you can concentrate on your own recovery. Claims that might… Read More →

Probation Violations: An Overview

If you are granted probation in place of jail time, you must follow a number of specific requirements. Any failure to adhere to the specific terms of your probation could result in your immediate arrest, the revocation of your probation, and your continued incarceration for the duration of your sentence. You could also be facing fines, an extended sentence and other penalties. Common types of probation violations include: Failure to check in with your probation officer Getting arrested for an additional offense Failure to complete court-ordered counseling Failure to pay court-ordered restitution or fines Failure to show up for mandatory… Read More →

Underage Drunk Driving In Florida

It is illegal for a person under the age of 21 to purchase or consume alcohol. It is also illegal for an underage minor to drive under the influence of alcohol. Florida has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking and driving. While the legal limit for drivers over the age of 21 is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more, an underage driver will be charged with drunk driving if they have a BAC level of 0.02% or higher. If convicted of underage DUI in Florida, the penalties for a first offense typically include:… Read More →

Fight Breath And Blood Test Evidence

Florida is an “implied consent” state. This means that any individual arrested for a suspected DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) has already given his or her implied consent to submit to breath and blood tests based solely on the fact that the individual was driving on our state roads. It does not matter whether you have an out-of-state license or not, the same regulations apply. Refusing a breath or blood test will result in the automatic suspension of your driver’s license for a minimum of 12 months. Should you refuse a breath or blood test after… Read More →

Were You Wrongfully Convicted Of A Crime?

When an individual is convicted of a crime he or she did not commit, they can be wrongfully sentenced to immediate incarceration, years away from family and loved ones, the revocation of day-to-day freedoms and privileges, as well as the heartbreaking reality that life will never be the same again. To help ensure that injustices do not occur the justice system allows for an individual to appeal an unfavorable decision so as to find and correct any legal errors that were made during the course of the case which may have affected its outcome. If you feel your conviction came… Read More →

Our Client’s Charges Get Dismissed In Cocaine Trafficking Case!

The state of Florida is known for being exceptionally harsh on sentencing and penalties in criminal cases, especially when it comes to drugs. However, just because someone is facing drug trafficking charges, it doesn’t mean that their case cannot be fought and won in court. To illustrate this, in a recent cocaine trafficking case we represented a client in the State v. J.P. In this case, law enforcement officers had arrested our client in a rooming house during the execution of a search warrant by the local street enforcement unit. Our client was charged with trafficking in cocaine, possession of… Read More →

Attorney Shafer Named V.P. of Local Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Attorney T. Charles Shafer is taking on a new leadership role. The Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer at T. Charles Shafer, Attorney at Law has been appointed to the position of Vice President of the St. Lucie County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (SLCACDL). This opportunity opens doors for Attorney Shafer in his efforts to improve the practice of defending the rights of the criminally accused in the local area. Attorney Shafer’s appointment the position of Vice President of SLCACDL is just one of many ways the seasoned legal professional has been involved in his local legal community. He is… Read More →

Martindale-Hubbell® Rates T. Charles Shafer AV® Preeminent™

Attorney T. Charles Shafer recently received a letter from Martindale-Hubbell®, one of the most respected attorney rating services in the nation. The letter stated that after an extensive and confidential peer review by members of the Bar and the Judiciary, Martindale-Hubbell® was pleased to announce that attorney Shafer received the AV® Preeminent™ rating. This esteemed rating means that attorney Shafer has now joined a select group of attorneys who have been recognized for their legal ability and their professional ethical standards. What are the Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review™ Ratings? The Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings® are an objective indicator of an attorney’s… Read More →