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Medical Marijuana – It Is Time

A young woman named Megan resides in Michigan. After high school graduation, her future looked promising. She left for college to pursue a graphic arts degree. Then, during her senior year, tragedy struck. Following a routine appendectomy, she began to suffer fainting spells and unexplained episodes of intense pain. Eventually, she was diagnosed as suffering from POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). POTS is a chronic malady that affects the autonomic nervous system. There is no known cure. Megan initially was treated with narcotics that left her so medicated and lethargic she was unable to work and function. She also feared… Read More →

What is Extradition?

If you were recently arrested for a crime, then you may have been offered the prospect of extradition. This is the process when one nation or state surrenders a suspect to another nation or state. Typically, in the United States, extradition is used when a person is from one state where a crime was committed, but is apprehended and arrested in another part of America. For example, if Mark assaulted a woman in Maine, but then fled to Florida he would be evading the law and may think he would be free from detection. Now, Maine authorities have alerted Florida… Read More →