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Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center Under Fire

The reporters for Treasure Coast Palm have uncovered a multitude of problems at the forensic treatment center that houses those too mentally ill to stand trial on the Treasure Coast. These problems range from daily care violations to murder.

When a person commits a criminal act but is incompetent to proceed to trial, or is otherwise determined to have been insane at the time the offense was committed, such a defendant is sent to a treatment center. For the incompetent individual, treatment will attempt to restore the person’s competency so that they are able to face trial. For those determined legally insane, they are also treated, not with an eye towards later prosecution, but rather in lieu of prosecution.

The Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center. located in Indiantown, Florida is a privately run center that treats the mentally ill. It is operated by Corrective Care Solutions, a for-profit company specializing in correctional care.

Over the course of a year, TC Palm investigative reporters dug into all aspects of life at the center. According to these reporters, their findings are chilling. Patients are regularly abused and maltreated. And registered complaints of this facility far outnumber those of the other Florida treatment centers providing similar care.

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