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Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center Under Fire

The reporters for Treasure Coast Palm have uncovered a multitude of problems at the forensic treatment center that houses those too mentally ill to stand trial on the Treasure Coast. These problems range from daily care violations to murder. When a person commits a criminal act but is incompetent to proceed to trial, or is otherwise determined to have been insane at the time the offense was committed, such a defendant is sent to a treatment center. For the incompetent individual, treatment will attempt to restore the person’s competency so that they are able to face trial. For those determined… Read More →

Who Is Unable To Lawfully Own A Firearm In Florida?

If you’re convicted of a felony, you cannot lawfully possess a firearm. If you continually violate certain statutes pertaining to substance abuse, then you might be deemed incompetent to own a firearm. If you have been involuntarily committed (commonly referred to as being “Baker Acted”) with a finding that you posed a danger to yourself or others, then you will be unable to legally possess a firearm. In addition, certain domestic violence convictions also bar one from owning a firearm, at least for a period of time. Finally, there are various federal firearm restrictions determined by federal law. There may… Read More →