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A Satisfied Criminal Defense Client, Aug 11, 2015

Mr. Shafer Is Not Only A Great Lawyer But He’s Kind, Empathetic, And Respectful “Mr. Shafer is not only a great lawyer but he’s kind, empathetic, respectful, & if he’s not sure of something he tells you & LOOKS for the answers-traits you don’t find in many attorneys. When my son was stopped & ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign & then ticketed for additional (trumped up) charges, Mr Shafer was able to get all the charges dropped. It was a scary time for us because my son does have a “past” & could’ve faced jail time.… Read More →

A Satisfied Client, Aug 21, 2015

Mr. Shafer Is An Outstanding Attorney. “Mr. Shafer is an outstanding attorney. He recently represented me in Federal Court on a criminal charge. He was well prepared, knowledgeable, and professional. Mr. Shafer helped me handle the difficult situation and he treated me with respect. He worked with the prosecuting attorney and hammered out an acceptable and fair plea deal. In court Mr. Shafer showed his years of expertise and again he was very professional. He has a great reputation in our community and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Hilary, Sep 23, 2015

He really listened to my story and took the time to understand my case. “Mr. Shafer represented me in a family law case. My whole family was being torn apart since we were sidetracked by someone that was supposed to be close to us. I didn’t know what to do so I called around to a few lawyers and no one seemed to care or call me back. So I called Mr. Shafer’s office and spoke with Joanne. She was so kind and caring and quickly fit me in for a consultation with Mr. Shafer. He really listened to my… Read More →

Barry, Nov 16, 2015

I Was Very Pleased With The Competent Service He Provided. “Charles Shafer recently represented me. I was very pleased with the competent service he provided. He certainly looked out for my best interests. He provided good advice with the available options presented in a very organized and understandable format. I also discovered, he extended efforts, not readily obvious to me, that were designed to assure my interests were protected. Both he and his assistant Barbara were polite, easy to talk with, and available for discussions and questions. I would certainly recommend Charles Shafer without reservation.”

Jim, Nov 5, 2015

All Of His Advice And Explanations Was Spot On “As a first timer involved in an arrest I was looking for someone with years of experience. My choice paid off as a result. Mr. Shafer took all the time I requested to explain in great detail all that would happen. As someone who was very frightened, he put me at great ease in knowing all would turn out well. All of his advice and explanations was spot on, and my case went as well as I could have hoped. Thank you very much for your efforts”