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Shavette H. And Frito H., Apr 04, 2016

We Would Like To Express Our Gratitude For Everything That You Did For Us And Our Family. “We would like to express our gratitude for everything that you did for us and our family. The process of going through court, filing unfamiliar documents, and understanding the legal process while trying to get a resolution for your family can be extremely stressful. We had already heard of the outstanding work your name carried from other attorneys as well as previous case managers. Your name was even referenced from the Program Director of Case Management as well as Child Protection Specialist. We… Read More →

Byron R. Feb 25, 2016

I’m very impressed and satisfied with his work. “I had a driving without a license. Me hiring Mr. Shafer was the best thing to do being that he’s the best to me. He helped me out, motivated me to get a license, stay out of trouble, and, most important, resolved my court case. I’m very impressed and satisfied with his work!”

Paul, Feb 24, 2016

Cannot say enough about Mr. Shafer; he did the impossible. “I hired Mr. Shafer to represent my friend Mike who was up against some serious charges that would have meant life imprisonment. Hoping against hope, I asked Mr. Shafer to represent him and to convince the prosecuting attorney to have a heart and not send Mike away. It would have been devastating to both of us. Tenacious, relentless focused – Mr. Shafer convinced the PA to relent and the judge agreed to reinstate Mike’s probation. Unprecedented. Mike & I cannot thank Mr. Shafer enough for bringing him home. A special… Read More →

James M. Feb 22, 2016

One call to him and you will rest easy. “I had the need of a criminal defense attorney’s services twice in the past two and a half years. On both occasions I was charged with the same offense, which made me what they call, “a frequent flier”. I contracted the services of T. Charles Shafer. Throughout the process of both charges, Charles kept me informed every step of the way, and expressed both worst case and best case scenarios. He fought hard for me in each case with an extremely favorable outcome in both. The second time charges was a… Read More →

Ray S., Feb 2, 2016

I would highly Recommend Charles Shafer to anyone seeking great representation. “I was very fortunate when a friend referred me to Attorney Charles Shafer. In my legal situation which many may have found trivial, I found Mr. Shafer to be engaged, focused, determined and thorough. I am confident that in him I have the best representation available and that with him I have the greatest opportunity for a successful outcome. He instills in me a trust which, in these modern times, is not easily given.”

Antonio T., Jan 29, 2016

I think Mr. Shafer is a hard working, dedicated man. “Mr. Shafer represented me on my criminal case. I think Mr. Shafer is a hard working, dedicated man, very good at what he does, and I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. It was dismissed. Thank you.”

Kristin, Jan 28, 2016

T. Charles Shafer and staff were amazing. “T. Charles Shafer and staff were amazing. I felt so comfortable explaining my situation and felt understood and in good hands. My case was taken care of quickly and handled with care. I would highly recommend Mr. Shafer and would use him again in the future.”

Peter M., Jan 28, 2016

I would recommend Mr. T. Charles Shafer to anyone who needs kind, gentle words of advice. “Mr. Shafer represented me in a criminal case. I am writing a letter of gratitude because, when I was charged with a felony, he had it reduced to a misdemeanor and actually saved everything I worked all my life for. My wife and my family moved to Florida in the summer of 2015. This was something I had dreamed of all my life. His quick actions and decision making helped save my life, my family’s future, and everything I worked all my life for.… Read More →

Frank, Jul 19, 2015

I Quickly Noticed How Careful, How Detailed And Empathetic Chuck Was. “I am extremely happy and consider myself lucky to have met Chuck Shafer. I had the unfortunate experience of being arrested for the first time in my life for a misdemeanor. I was recommended by a good friend of mine and business consultant to contact Chuck Shafer for legal representation. After doing so, I quickly noticed how careful, how detailed and empathetic Chuck was during this emergency-crisis in my life. During the entire 6-month legal process it felt as if Chuck was holding my hand, assuring me of matters,… Read More →

David, Jul 23, 2015

Mr. Shafer And His Trained Staff Have Done An Excellent Job. “Mr. Shafer and his trained staff have done an excellent job representing me in my former case. I would highly recommend hiring Mr. Shafer. If I had used any one else, I feel my results wouldn’t be Nolle Processed and I would still be in court. I have been represented by many lawyers in the past and Mr. Shaffer is far superior to all others.”