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Felony DUI Charges and Penalties

Although drunk driving is often charged as a misdemeanor offense, a driver can be charged with felony DUI if their alleged crime involved any of the following factors:

If you are convicted of any type of felony DUI, you could spend up to 5 years in jail and end up owing as much as $5000 in fines. In addition to these immediate consequences, having a felony conviction on your record can have a significant and lasting impact on your professional life.

Hire an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer in Fort Pierce

Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous, and the penalties for it are correspondingly harsh. If you are facing DUI charges, then you may benefit from a conversation with AV Preeminent® Rated T. Charles Shafer, Attorney at Law PLLC. My more than 29 years of experience have given me an intimate understanding of criminal law in our state, and a unique understanding of how the state tends to prosecute, as well as which defense strategies work the best.

I will fight for the most beneficial arrangement possible and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. If your interests seem to be better served by a trial before a jury, then I will sift through the evidence in search of holes in the prosecution’s arguments. Whatever the specifics of your situation may be, you don’t want to face DUI charges without a competent lawyer on your side. Contact me to get started and fill out a *free case evaluation.

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