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At T. Charles Shafer, Attorney at Law, I have more than 29 years of experience defending people just like you – people who have made mistakes, and people who stand wrongly accused. My AV Preeminent® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, the highest rating they give, is an indication of the genuine care and determination that I bring to every case I defend. Having worked consistently for the defense side in criminal law, I have no doubt about where my passion lies – with protecting the rights of and advocating for those who face criminal charges.

Choosing The Right Defense Lawyer Could Make All The Difference!

I know that every case is more than just the sum of the evidence and accusations; every case has the potential to derail the life of the defendant. With this in mind, I will handle your case with the level of gravity and care that I know it deserves. Having any felony conviction on your record can affect employment opportunities for the rest of your life. Multiple DUIs can be compounded to result in harsher penalties every time.

If you are a minor facing charges for a juvenile crime, I know how important your future is to you. Whether your current situation is the result of tainted evidence or a stupid mistake, don’t let it haunt you for the rest of your life. A conviction now could limit your educational and vocational opportunities in the future, so make sure to secure the legal counsel you need.

Accused Of A Crime In Stuart, Florida?

No two cases are exactly alike, and no single solution is right for everyone. An effective defense strategy designed specifically to meet your needs can be formed only after an experienced lawyer has had the chance to carefully review all the details of your case.

At my firm, I am proud to offer free case evaluations to anyone seeking legal help, with no obligation to then hire me as an attorney. If you need a professional perspective or are looking for the right representation, please don’t hesitate to contact T. Charles Shafer, Attorney at Law today.

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