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What is Extradition?

If you were recently arrested for a crime, then you may have been offered the prospect of extradition. This is the process when one nation or state surrenders a suspect to another nation or state. Typically, in the United States, extradition is used when a person is from one state where a crime was committed, but is apprehended and arrested in another part of America. For example, if Mark assaulted a woman in Maine, but then fled to Florida he would be evading the law and may think he would be free from detection.

Now, Maine authorities have alerted Florida authorities to be on the lookout for Mark. When they apprehend and arrest him, they have the right to fly Mark back up to Maine for the trial that he will need to withstand in order to receive punishments for his assault crime. If extradition did not exist, it would permit people to escape their due punishments by moving to a different state or country. The legal process of extradition allows countries or states to work together to arrest people who need to be punished for their crimes.

There are two types of extradition: interstate extradition and international extradition. International extradition provides that if a criminal from America flees to another country, that country may have the authority to make an arrest and send the suspect back to the United States. For example, if a man commits murder and flees to Australia, the Australian authorities may keep a look out for him, complete an arrest, and send the murderer back to the United States for punishment. Interstate extradition refers to the communication between states in America, as all state governments and law enforcement officers typically band together to look for high-profile criminals that are a threat to the community regardless of what state that they came from.

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