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Victoria K., Aug 01, 2017

“I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Mr. Theodore Shafer, for such an outstanding job being my attorney for such a difficult and complicated case.

As a graduate Registered Nurse, waiting to write my State Board exams, and now facing such a legal case, would’ve caused such an impact on my future career, my kids, and my husband. Not forgetting jail time. Mr. Shafer made me smile again.

I remembered that first phone call to Mr. Shafer after I got his phone number from my husband, when I asked Mr. Shafer if this would go away, and Mr. Shafer replied, “I have big shoulders, you can lean all your problems on my shoulders.” I never forgot those words. Whenever I found myself crying and wishing for God to take me, all I hear are those few words of Mr. Shafer, which made me strong every passing day.

I remembered that Friday afternoon when Mr. Shafer call and said, “You’re free” broke down and cried. If there’s an attorney out there that stand to his words it’s Mr. Shafer.

There was no day during those difficult times that Mr. Shafer didn’t call or send an email for all updates in regards to my case. Mr. Shafer is an outstanding and great lawyer, who believes and stands by his clients. I want to say thank you once again.”

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