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Florida Traffic Crimes

Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Pierce Helps Protect Your Driving Record

There are many various laws and ordinances for drivers on the road. These laws are designed to regulate speed, traffic patterns, and many other facets of the road in order to ensure the safety of other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and many others. If you are found to be in violation of one of these laws such as speeding, then you could be pulled over and issued a traffic ticket or citation. It is important to understand that these tickets can be fought, and there are many cases in which you can have these charges dismissed.

It is important to think of a traffic ticket or citation as a criminal charge, and paying the ticket as a guilty plea. I am Attorney Shafer from T. Charles Shafer, Attorney at Law, and I can help you evaluate the charges against you and determine if fighting the criminal charge may be successful. There are many reasons why you may want to fight a speeding ticket. Some commercial drivers, for example, are required to maintain a clean driving record in order to obtain and maintain employment in their profession. If you have been cited for a traffic crime, then it is important to speak with me as soon as possible to begin the process of building a defense to your case.


Defending the Accused

If you have been issued a ticket for a traffic violation, then you need skilled representation on your side that can effectively defend your case. I have helped numerous clients in the past, and you can be sure that I will put my many years of experience to work for you. I offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain some legal advice and information regarding your situation before making any financial commitment to my firm. Contact me today to discuss the situation that you face, and to begin pursuing a favorable solution to your problem.

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