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What Do I Have In Terms Of Paperwork When I Bond Out Of Jail?

You will typically have a ticket for the DUI. It states that this represents a paper ticket and you may continue to drive, but it will expire within ten days. After ten days, you lose the right to drive, and you have to make decisions within that ten-day period. You will not receive your license per se if it’s a DUI, they will confiscate the hard license. You will also have a list of personal items that was seized from you during your arrest. They will be returned to once you are out of jail.

Not all officers will complete this list while you are undergoing the process. You are typically left with an arrest affidavit or an arrest report. You are going to have an eight-hour stay, so they make sure you are not under the influence when you finally do leave. You are going to need to contact an attorney to represent you with these charges.

Will I Get My Physical Driver’s License And The Ability To Drive When I Bond Out On a DUI Charge?

No, the real driver’s license is confiscated by the arresting officer. You will have a traffic ticket or a DUI citation that will explain that you have a ten-day window to drive. After those ten days, if you do not contact the Department of Motor Vehicles Highway Safety and take care of this situation, you will lose the right to drive. You have that ten-day window of opportunity to retain an attorney. It is critical you hire a lawyer who knows how to defend someone charged with a DUI.

What Are The Common Mistakes That People Make In The First Few Days After An Arrest?

One of the biggest mistakes people make after they are released from jail, is they consume illicit drugs or alcohol and find themselves back in jail. Many law enforcement officials in your area know you had pre-trial conditions, and if you violate them, then you go back to jail. You do not necessarily get out again. The worst thing that someone can do is, of course, receive a second DUI when the first one is pending. It happens frequently. Driving after an arrest without a license during a DUI prosecution is poor judgment. Most people understand they don’t want to create any more problems, especially if they continue not to exercise their right to counsel. Some folks wait until that ten-day window closes and then they have difficulty with dealing with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. If they ignore this problem, then you will lose the ability to drive.

You need to be proactive to make that happen. Most folks just wait for the court date, and that’s just too late. They don’t read the documentation or ticket handed to them after their release from jail.

How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney In The First 30 Days After An Arrest?

You should meet with your attorney shortly after your release.You need to discuss all pertinent facts and go through the details of why you were charged with this crime. I give my clients a DUI questionnaire sheet to take home with them because there are things that you might think of after we’ve talked that might surface. It helps me as the case progresses. I can go back and recall what we have discussed. We explain everything you feel that is important especially if you think it’s a particular situation always write it down. Each case and the client are different, but my clients can always call, email or text our firm if they need us.

The state has three business weeks before they even send us a discovery exhibit. Nevertheless, we don’t always get that information within that thirty-day window. I explain this to my clients. Once we get the official documents, the arrest affidavit, the narrative reports, we will get together again. I want to talk with you, but I remind them, it may not be within those first 30 days. I’m always available to sit down with my clients, but for your convenience, schedule a telephone conference, especially if you live hours away.

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