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Should I Hire An Attorney Right Away For A Friend Or Family Member?

In my mind, it’s never too soon to retain me as your lawyer. The sooner I can get involved in a case the better evidence evaporates. I was hired this week in a case that is ten days old. We are now trying to make sure we get the surveillance videos from the particular hotel where he was arrested. Most videos are taped over within 24 hours. I have a case where a gentleman was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. He’d gone over to a gated community, and there was a claim that he had shown a gun in a threatening manner. We moved quickly on the case with a private investigator for the client. Within 24 hours, we already had contacted the investigator and the homeowner’s association president saying that we wanted to get that video.

They were very cooperative, but they said it was a good thing that we did that in such a quick time because with their equipment as old as it was, it rolls right over itself in three days. So if we had waited for even a small period, we would have lost it. Why was it important to show that information to the state attorney who was initially prosecuting the case? They determined it was not felony aggravated assault with a firearm, but rather an improper display, and it went to misdemeanor court, and it saved my client an aggravated assault with a firearm charge. That charge in Florida has a three-year mandatory prison sentence. It went from egregious and that serious to improper display of a firearm and probation.

I can recite a handful of those situations. Moving quickly, getting involved and finding out who may have seen what, where and how, and putting it together is how my firm works and with positive outcomes for most of my clients. If you’ve been arrested, time is an ally for the state attorney or the prosecutors because the longer it takes for someone to get involved, the more people’s minds change. People forget things or people don’t want to get involved. We’ve had cases where witnesses told us things and then tried to either recant or not show up, and we had to subpoena them. They were very useful in showing that they were changing the story due to particular concerns they had personally in their community. Therefore, getting them before they have the ability to say no is important. We don’t force anyone to talk to us.

Can Someone Switch Attorneys In An Ongoing Case If They Are Not Satisfied With Their Counsel?

You can switch attorneys any time you feel that it’s necessary. If you are three months into a trial and you are not happy with the work that your attorney is doing, feel free to call and speak to me. I’ll be glad to look at your case. If your friend hires an attorney, and they are unhappy just know if you switch to my firm or anyone else’ most likely it will cost more in the long end.If the arrested person is 18 years or older, they are an adult, and they can decide whether they want me to be their lawyer or they want someone else. You are always free to hire somebody else.

Additional Information On How To Proceed After An Arrest In Florida

The most important thing to remember is that it is a person’s most vulnerable time when the agents of the government have accosted you and put you in constraints, and they are telling you that it’s over. The most important thing is not to say anything. Keep your mouth shut. Do not disregard all of those safeguards and acknowledgments that you have a right not to talk without your lawyer present. The number one thing that people get into trouble with and I’ve seen this with clients who have been in prison before and they’ve had to say something, remember the only thing you need to say is I want to speak with my lawyer, any lawyer before I talk to you. I want my lawyer.

You can only do yourself a disservice by talking then. When you encounter a law enforcement officer, and it looks like it could lead to an arrest, you need to quit talking at that point. You have a right not to cooperate with law enforcement. That’s the number one thing. We are all brought up where we need to tell law enforcement because they are benevolent and they do keep us safe, but your words can also be used as swords to cut and destroy your case. So, don’t say anything until you meet with your lawyer.

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