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What Are The Consequences Of A Sex Crime Conviction In Florida?

I was just looking at that before we got on the phone with one another. I am just looking at the juror instructions. If you get labeled a sexual offender or a sexual predator, you have to register. You have to register, especially if you are a predator, you have to register your home, trailer, car and you have certain instructions on where you can live. In our area, if someone moves in to the neighborhood within a certain radius, and this goes on in other counties as well, the sheriff has an automated calling system where they call to alert everyone within a certain radius that a sexual offender has moved into the neighborhood.

Maybe, that when you were twenty-two, you had sex with your seventeen year-old girlfriend, fifteen years ago and her mother got mad and you have been labeled a sexual offender. There is a process whereby someone can be unlabeled if you will, but it takes decades. I have never been involved personally with any case where anyone has ever been successful and I have never been asked to have that label removed, so I tell people that if they are going to be labeled, it is going to be a mark of the beast that is going to stay with them, could stay with them for the rest of their lives. It is very difficult. You cannot live near schools, parks or certain restrictions of how far or close you can be to children, especially if you are charged as a sex offender.

If you are a sexual predator and that takes a certain amount of doing the crime and especially if you have a certain history, if you become a sexual predator, they have eyes all over you because of that designation. It is very difficult and one size almost fits all kinds of thoughts. If you are a sexual offender, you must register, if you have to change your address, you have to let them know. If you leave, if you come into our state from another state, you have a certain period of time to register, it is a matter of days and if you do not register here you can be found to be within violation for failing to register, which is in itself another offense. There is just a whole litany of requirements if you are an offender. It is what you must abide by.

I am not saying that is a bad thing, I want to know if there is someone that could pose a threat to my child that lives in my neighborhood or close to my neighborhood, I want to know that and nowadays people do know.

Do Most Convictions Carry Prison Sentences?

Yes. Especially if there is a touching or fondling. If there is any union between a sexual part of the accuser and the victim, it is going to carry a hefty prison sentence. Let us say, a man’s penis made contact with a vagina, an anus or a breast, those are going to be scored very heavily and the sentence could be quite extensive.

Importance Of Retaining An Experienced Attorney To Handle A Sex Crime Case

Simply having someone who has seen things that have happened before might know the proper way to present a defense. When I say “proper”, I mean effective way to present a defense and it is not learning on the fly. An attorney has been down the road before, knows what to look for, knows what the prosecution might do or say or where they might be going and knows how to counter that on behalf of the accused. Sometimes it can be a chess match and you want to have someone who has played chess before, they can see the board and maybe see a player or two before it happens and know the right way to get through the field without stepping on the landmines, so to speak.

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