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Is Emotional Difficulty Commonly Experienced In Sex Crime Cases?

It certainly does to be accused by someone that you know. Sometimes that plays in a good way for the defense because then they tend to know that this individual who is making the accusations has histories that might be explored in terms of making false reports in the past. There are times when the so called victims have been the false accusers in past events and those are important situations too, but I am not by any means saying that.

There are people who are victimized and horribly victimized sexually and those people certainly need to be dealt with accordingly, but there are typically prosecutors who tend to overcharge cases and what you are charged with maybe is not what you are truly guilty of if you are guilty of a crime. Now, that is worth having an attorney to fight that battle to see exactly what is going on in a case.

Should People Wait In Retaining An Attorney To Avoid Any Presumption Of Guilt?

I do not know who they are going to give that information to. Who they are going to look guilty in front of, because if you call my office, even if you call my office, I am not at liberty to tell anyone else that you even made a telephone call to my office, much less came in and sat with me. We have very strict rules of confidentiality. Attorney client privilege is such that I cannot tell anyone about our contact and I will not do so.

However, it goes beyond that, it is past the attorney client privilege as also the rules of the Florida Bar that would dictate against me telling anyone that I am involved with you. For instance, if you came to see me for anything, I am not at liberty to say that. So, if you do not say anything, I am not at liberty to disclose any attorney client privilege to anyone.

What Should Someone Do After Being Arrested For A Sex Crime?

They should express they want a lawyer and they should say nothing else. That is ideally what they should do. Problems arise when people open their mouths.

What Happens After Someone Is Arrested For A Sex Crime In Florida?

If you are arrested, you are taken to jail, or you may be taken to a detective’s office or an interrogation room and questioned more than you would allow. The police can even lie to you when they question you. They do not have to be honest with you, but if you are not honest with them, it can come back to haunt you. Again, getting back to my previous answer, just ask for a lawyer and then say no more.

Once you are arrested, you will go to jail and then it is an issue of what type of bond might be set and if you can make bond. If you can make bond, can you get out of jail? You then are most likely to have to wear a GPS tracking monitor, report into the court once a week and the pretrial services people. If there is any hint of drug or alcohol use, you would be liable for random drug and urine screens. It is not a walk in the park and then there is the whole prosecution of a case.

Public Knowledge Regarding Prosecution Of Sex Crime Cases

Anyone that picks up the paper will see the seriousness of the allegations in print. The more serious the allegations, the more press it may generate. But then there is our local papers, the internet site can issue a list of people that have been arrested as well. You cannot keep that out. Anyone that wants to check can certainly find any information on line these days. If it is in the counties, you can go to the sheriff’s county internet site and find out that the person is incarcerated. It is very easy to hear about and very easy to find out about. There is a good likelihood your entire community and your employer would find out what is going on and they often do.

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