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Drug Trafficking in FL

Florida has a reputation for being a gateway entry point for trafficked drugs, and lawmakers have made an effort to change this by aggressively prosecuting those accused of drug trafficking, and assigning mandatory minimum sentences to trafficking charges involving different drugs. This means there are absurdly harsh penalties for those found in possession of drugs in quantities just over the legal limits for simple possession, as their charges may then escalate to trafficking.

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious drug crimes of which you can be accused, and a good defense could be the only thing standing between you and years in prison. Penalties for drug trafficking typically include incarceration in state prison for 3 to 25 years and fines between $25,000 and $500,000.

Many of the clients I speak with are surprised to learn that they are facing drug trafficking charges, when they expected to be charged with simple possession. Being accused of drug trafficking does not necessarily entail involvement in a vast scheme or crime ring; it is based on the sole factor of weight. While it may seem that the odds are stacked against you, you still have options, and an experienced defense attorney can advocate for your rights throughout the process in order to minimize the risk of an unfair trial or excessive sentence.

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