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Attorney T. Charles Shafer, Reviews:

Chuck is a very competent, experienced attorney who really cares about his clients and the results he get for their cases. He has provided expert family law advice and strategies for protecting myself in my own divorce matter as well as for other clients. He’s a lawyer/advocate you can trust not only to create a successful path forward but also the right path forward. Highly recommend.


I retained Mr. Shafer—Chuck—after having no success in securing a simplified dissolution of marriage in almost 6 months. He met with me and spent the time he needed to understand the circumstances of my case. He shared he would spend the necessary time needed to review all that had already been done and contact me with a plan going forward. I shared that I have a high need to understand as well as to be understood. He appreciated and understood those needs and kept me informed every step of the way. In addition to keeping me informed, he always assessed my comfort with each step along the way and allowed me to ask the rationale. He was never offended when I asked why? Instead, he took it as an opportunity to explain his reasoning. I appreciated this!

In summary, Mr. Schafer is the BEST!! He knows what he is doing and every decision he makes will be in your best interest. He is open, honest, straightforward, and works with the utmost INTEGRITY. I felt very confident in his skills and abilities. In his signature line he quotes a scripture, Isaiah 58:10, I was touched by that quote. I was distruaght and Mr. Shafer helped me. I see him as my angel who was sent to help me. I will never be able to articulate how much I appreciate all that he has done for me. He is TRUSTWORTHY and will get the job done! He did in two months what was not done in six. You will not go wrong in choosing him. This is the second time he has come to my rescue! Thank you!

Linda A.

I retained Mr. Shafer fall of 2019 for family court issues with my ex husband. Not only is he skilled in family law, but because there was a criminal case involved with the family case, he was able to advise me in all areas what was best for my kids and me! We have not concluded my case due to ongoing necessary processes, but Chuck has been incredibly ethical, knowledgeable, collaborative with me as the client, and responsive, as has his paralegal Tara. For such a horrible circumstance my kids and I are having to navigate, Chuck has been a God-send! He does not look for ways to bill me, but in fact, is transparent and communicative regarding how he recommends utilizing his time for my benefit. Make no mistake, he is not a push-over; and his multiple decades of experience and standing in the legal community allow him the well-earned confidence in his practice. But he treats you like a person, not dollar signs.
I have complete confidence he will continue to work for the outcomes we desire to the best of his ability.
Thank you Chuck.

Joanne L

Was in need of a quit claim deed after my divorce. Mr Shafer quickly had it ready. I will definitely use him again.

Lynn L

Charles Shafer is one of the best If not THE BEST criminal attorney(s) on the Treasure Coast. Mr. Shafer is determined, knowledgeable, and will provide the best representation for you that is available. I frequently refer people to Mr. Shafer because I trust his abilities and skills in the court room. If I were to ever need the services of an attorney I would NOT hesitate to call on T. Charles Shaver to represent me as my attorney. I can say you will not be disappointed in the services you receive.


I am very thankful for Chuck and the resolution he helped to achieve for my husband and I. We were in need of a great and experienced defense attorney who could understand all of our issues at stake and have the expertise to achieve a desirable outcome. He is not an attorney to oversell his abilities and he is thorough to the extent of having you acknowledge consequences of certain legal strategies, but he puts in the time and the work to provide the best defense. I whole heartedly would recommend him again.

Gloria F

Attorney Shafer was very professional in handling my case.
I was extremely fortunate to retain Mr. Shafer in October of 2019 and March of 2020 to represent me in a very difficult case in which I was involved. He was an outstanding professional who exhibited real concern for my case. He handled all details of the case with upmost care and brought the matters to a very satisfactory conclusion. I would recommend Attorney Shafer to anyone who needs legal assistance and representation. I would be amiss if I did not also mention his assistant, Tara, who was always available for help. Attorney Shafer and his team are outstanding.

Robert D – July 2020

Mr Shaffer helped me out with a sticky family law situation. Everything workout great and would definitely recommend Mr Shaffer to friends and family.

I.k – July 2020

I retained Mr. Shafer on two occasions this year. The first was for a correction of incorrect records held by the FDLE, due to an error created by two counties in Florida. It required the reviewing of copious correct records from another state. Mr. Shafer possessed the analytical ability to provide FDLE with logical,concise written documentation to rectify the error. This issue was resolved in less than a month. The second occasion was a more serious nature. His knowledge of criminal law is vast. His ability to listen,gather facts and move forward reaching a favorable and expeditious resolution of charges being dropped was impressive. Mr. Shafer is most capable and competent. He is a truly caring person. He is non-judgemental and a gentleman.I am grateful for his efforts and that of his team. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an honest,knowledgeable,hardworking attorney.

Walter R. – July 2020

We highly recommend Mr. Shafer for your legal issues. He is an outstanding lawyer who represented a family member. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He was always available to us to answer any questions and concerns that we had. Thank you, Mr. Shafer! Becky and Ralph M.

Becky & Ralph – March 2020

This is the first review I’ve ever done since 2004 Chuck has been my attorney and he’s never once lost a case and I’ve had three or four cases with him and the last one was the most serious live Ammunition by a convicted felon and a DUI and he did everything right he waited until the right time and did what he does best and won my case for me I’m ever grateful to this man

Christopher F. – March 2020

I, Arthur Anderson, appreciate all the hard work, time, and careful attention attorney T. Charles Shafer provided for me. Everything I expected of him was achieved. I also am pleased with Secretary Barbara because she always responded to my call expeditiously.

I also will recommend this office to anyone who may need his services. Thank you, Attorney Shafer and Secretary Barbara.

Arthur A.

I, Arthur Anderson, appreciate all the hard work, time, and careful attention attorney T. Charles Shafer provided for me. Everything I expected of him was achieved. I also am pleased with Secretary Barbara because she always responded to my call expeditiously.

I also will recommend this office to anyone who may need his services. Thank you, Attorney Shafer and Secretary Barbara.

Arthur A., Aug. 13, 2018

I was represented by T. Charles Shafer in a falsely accused criminal case which I was found innocent. I also had a court that that I failed to attend and a bench warrant set for my arrest. Mr. Shafer was extremely professional in handling my legal issues and kept me from being incarcerated because of a mailing address faux pa. I was treated with respect, dignity, and privacy, into which I would recommend his firm and use them in my next legal problem, if it arises.

John V. – Aug. 8, 2018

My experience with T. Charles Shafer was more than satisfactory. He was very flexible with my busy schedule. The assistant, Barbara, was well organized and made getting into contact with Shafer easy. Theodore is very experienced and professional. I appreciate all that he has done to help me. I would highly recommend him to represent you.

Jeff B. – August 29, 2018

“You and your staff were the best helping me through my very tough time with my divorce. The outcome was much better than I had feared. You and your staff were personable and understanding through the process. Thank you very, very much.”

Craig T. – Feb 22, 2018

“I have known and practiced alongside attorney, Chuck Shafer, for over 25 years. He is a diligent advocate for his clients and a fierce litigator. He is always well prepared and knowledgeable in the areas in which he practices. I have referred him to clients many times over the years and he has always fought hard for those in need of a tough and competent lawyer.”

Al M., Feb 7, 2018

“I was referred to Mr. Shafer by one of my dearest friends, who is also a lawyer, but does not work with divorce cases. I was impressed by Mr. Shafer’s professional demeanor, and his ability to assess my situation immediately, due to his knowledge of the law. He fought for me and provided me with the best outcome given the constraints of family law. I heartily recommend Mr. Shafer and his secretary Barbara who were always available when I needed them.”

Gail M., Jan 03, 2018

“Dear Mr. Shafer,

I am writing this letter to you as a thank you for all you had done for me. I wish there was something more I could do to show my appreciation, but I’m hoping this will be sufficient.

There are no words to express how grateful I am for your patience and persistence, while defending me during the five, long years I was fighting for my kids.

In 2005, when DCF first opened my case, I never thought it would take four to five years to complete a case plan from DCF. But it did, and I’m so happy that you defended me. I know there were times you probably though that I wouldn’t ever get my boys back, or finish the rehab (especially when I failed two drug tests), but throughout it all, you never gave up on me. Even when I was in criminal court, facing 10 years in prison, you still came to my defense, and I was sent back to the rehab for the second time. And after numerous court dates, numerous trials and errors, and numerous doubts, I finally got it together (or just grew up)!

Now, thanks in a very large part to you, I have my boys back home, I have my own home, a car, and have been drug-free for over seven years. I also haven’t been in any trouble with the law. I’m living the way God intended and now I’m making amends to all I have harmed or hurt during my addiction. Part of that is being grateful to those who were there for me, during the bad times, not just the good.

Once again, I thank you for representing me for five years… through all my court trials and tribulations. And thanks again for never giving up on me. I pray you get everything you need and want in life! Many blessings to you and your family.”

Melissa C., Aug 18, 2017

“When a family member was arrested and charged with a serious crime, the first priority was to find an excellent lawyer for a reasonable price. After researching the internet, I decided that T. Charles Shafer seemed like a good choice after reading various reviews about him. As far as I’m concerned he delivered the best outcome that one could expect from any lawyer or firm regardless of price. He and his staff kept us up to date on all proceedings as the case progressed without having to call them. I would highly recommend him for any criminal matters you may encounter.”

D.L., Aug 15, 2017

“I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Mr. Theodore Shafer, for such an outstanding job being my attorney for such a difficult and complicated case.

As a graduate Registered Nurse, waiting to write my State Board exams, and now facing such a legal case, would’ve caused such an impact on my future career, my kids, and my husband. Not forgetting jail time. Mr. Shafer made me smile again.

I remembered that first phone call to Mr. Shafer after I got his phone number from my husband, when I asked Mr. Shafer if this would go away, and Mr. Shafer replied, “I have big shoulders, you can lean all your problems on my shoulders.” I never forgot those words. Whenever I found myself crying and wishing for God to take me, all I hear are those few words of Mr. Shafer, which made me strong every passing day.

I remembered that Friday afternoon when Mr. Shafer call and said, “You’re free” broke down and cried. If there’s an attorney out there that stand to his words it’s Mr. Shafer.

There was no day during those difficult times that Mr. Shafer didn’t call or send an email for all updates in regards to my case. Mr. Shafer is an outstanding and great lawyer, who believes and stands by his clients. I want to say thank you once again.”

Victoria K., Aug 01, 2017

“I, Charles J., was well satisfied and pleased with the job that was done for me by my attorney, T. Charles Shafer.”

Charles J.

Mr. Shafer lives up to his reputation as a top criminal defense attorney.

“I retained Mr. Shafer because I have witnessed him fighting for his clients. He always goes above and beyond and I knew that my relative received his best defense possible. Mr. Shafer kept me informed throughout the process and was always accessible. Mr. Shafer lives up to his reputation as a top criminal defense attorney. He is a professional that is in service to the community.”

A Happy Client, Mar 14, 2017

He was wonderful and handled my particular matter with the utmost care.

“It was my pleasure to retain Mr. Shafer in May of 2015 and found him to be efficient, knowledgeable, caring, and considerate. He was wonderful and handled my particular matter with the utmost care; he even went overboard for me. Although I have retained several other lawyers in the past, I find that T. Charles Shafer is one of the best attorneys at what he does. I would have the highest recommendation to anyone who needs his expertise at any time.”

C.A., Dec 12, 2016

In The Matter Of My Case

“Attorney Shafer and his office handled my criminal case with the most confidence and professionalism possible. He took the time to go over each point that was addressed in my case and made me feel at ease in the situation. Ms. Barbara was a joy to call and ask questions if I needed it and returned my calls within 10-20 minutes of my requesting any information. This was not as stressful as I imagined it would be, but I will not put myself in this kind of issue again.

I hope in the future I should ever need an attorney, Mr. Shafer would be my choice. I would also like to thank the family friends of 30+ years for referring him to me. This was truly a learning experience to keep me on the right side of the law for the rest of my life once I get back on my feet.

Thank you and may God bless each of you always.”

Janice P., Aug 05, 2016

I thank Mr. Shafer and his officer for ushering me through one of the hardest events of my life.

“In seeking an attorney after being ordered to court was somewhat a task for me. I wanted the court to have the view that I was in cooperation and had no arrogance about their jurisdiction. Mr. Shafer embodied this in my view. His communication was always timely and I was always updated by the office about any changes or progress. I thank Mr. Shafer and his officer for ushering me through one of the hardest events of my life.”

K.S, July 27, 2016

From the moment I reached out to Mr. Shafer until the conclusion of my case, I was highly satisfied.

“It’s with pleasure that I write this letter of referral on behalf of the services that was rendered by the law offices of Charles Shafer. My case was somewhat unique in nature because I am currently residing out of the state of Florida but my case was originated in St. Lucie County. From the moment I reached out to Mr. Shafer until the conclusion of my case, I was highly satisfied. He was very detailed, attentive, and driven throughout the entire process while handling my case. His professionalism and ability to get the facts of my case spoke volumes. Being that I was located out of state, he kept me updated by providing me with written documentation of every instance of my case. I was never kept out of the loop, nor was I ever wondering what was happening with my case. If you are a need of an attorney that will work for you and with you to resolve your case in a timely and professional manner, please contact Charles Shafer. Without a doubt, he’s the individual that you need resolve all of your legal affairs. Details matter and I consider him the “detail” attorney. Thanks Mr. Shafer!”

Dwayne, Jun 28, 2016

I highly recommend Attorney T. Charles Shafer to anyone needing professional legal advice and representation.

“What initially impressed me most with Attorney Shafer was the office atmosphere. The office was calm and professional. His office manager showed an interest and care for my concern. I felt welcomed.

Attorney Shafer was just as calming. I was nervous, panicked, embarrassed, and in a dazed from the entire situation and in even needing legal help, but immediately Attorney Shafer put me at ease where I felt I could tell him my situation without feeling I was being negatively judged.

Attorney Shafer immediately opened his law book to research the subject matter. He and I went over my case, step by step. I was allowed to ask questions which he answered quickly and professionally. He explained the law and at the same time he did not pass judgement but offered his expert legal advice.

Attorney Shafer was calming, professional, knowledgeable, down to earth, and most importantly showed a sincere interest in my legal matter. At the end of our initial meeting, I walked out of his office knowing he was going to be my attorney.

I highly recommend Attorney T. Charles Shafer to anyone needing professional legal advice and representation.”

Ronald F., May 09, 2016

Letter to my wonderful lawyer, T. Charles Shafer.

“My Name is Jeffrey P. I am writing this letter on behalf of my wonderful lawyer, T. Charles Shafer. Mr. Shafer has represented me in many different cases, and I would like to thank him for making me comfortable and giving me his all on every case that he has represented me on. With that being said, thanks, T. Charles Shafer.”

Jeffrey P., May 02, 2016

I want to thank Mr. Shafer for all his hard work.

“Unfortunately my nephew got into some trouble with the law, but Mr. Shafer was recommended by another individual who trusted him with his life, well he was right. Mr. Shafer is a straight shooter who tells you like it is. He made us feel comfortable and gave us confidence that everything would be ok. I just want to commend Mr. Charles Shafer for an outstanding job that he performed for my nephew. I know that if I ever find myself in trouble, he will be the first person I will call.

I trust him and value his expertise and yes I would trust him with the fate of my life.”

Mary G., May 02, 2016

We Would Like To Express Our Gratitude For Everything That You Did For Us And Our Family.

“We would like to express our gratitude for everything that you did for us and our family. The process of going through court, filing unfamiliar documents, and understanding the legal process while trying to get a resolution for your family can be extremely stressful. We had already heard of the outstanding work your name carried from other attorneys as well as previous case managers. Your name was even referenced from the Program Director of Case Management as well as Child Protection Specialist. We knew we were getting the right attorney for the job and had a high amount of confidence in your work. You definitely surpassed our expectations and really gave our family the resolution that we needed and the justice that we never expected. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for everything that you did. We will always refer you to anyone that comes across a problem that calls for an attorney.

We also want to say a special thank you to your secretary/assistant, Ms. Barbara, for everything she has done for us as well. From explaining certain forms, to getting our documents filed in a timely manner, to handling our case in the upmost professional way, we say thank you as well.”

Shavette H. And Frito H., Apr 04, 2016

I’m very impressed and satisfied with his work.

“I had a driving without a license. Me hiring Mr. Shafer was the best thing to do being that he’s the best to me. He helped me out, motivated me to get a license, stay out of trouble, and, most important, resolved my court case. I’m very impressed and satisfied with his work!”

Byron R. Feb 25, 2016

Cannot say enough about Mr. Shafer; he did the impossible.

“I hired Mr. Shafer to represent my friend Mike who was up against some serious charges that would have meant life imprisonment. Hoping against hope, I asked Mr. Shafer to represent him and to convince the prosecuting attorney to have a heart and not send Mike away. It would have been devastating to both of us. Tenacious, relentless focused – Mr. Shafer convinced the PA to relent and the judge agreed to reinstate Mike’s probation. Unprecedented.

Mike & I cannot thank Mr. Shafer enough for bringing him home.

A special mention regarding Barbara – Mr. Shafer’s office manager. She, too, remained positive and compassionate in my dealings with her. She always returned phone calls and e-mails punctually. She and Mr. Shafer were both patient with me and Mike. I couldn’t contain my emotions and they never lost sight of the goal to bring Mike home. Our thanks to Barbara, too.”

Paul, Feb 24, 2016

One call to him and you will rest easy.

“I had the need of a criminal defense attorney’s services twice in the past two and a half years. On both occasions I was charged with the same offense, which made me what they call, “a frequent flier”. I contracted the services of T. Charles Shafer. Throughout the process of both charges, Charles kept me informed every step of the way, and expressed both worst case and best case scenarios. He fought hard for me in each case with an extremely favorable outcome in both. The second time charges was a very trying time, filled with much anxiety, for myself, and my family. As my trial was nearing and the anxiety rising, Charles called and requested a meeting to begin preparation for trial, when he suddenly explained that he was holding a “no prosecute” from the state, which dismissed my case. I would without hesitation “ENCOURAGE anyone needing a criminal defense attorney to hire the services of T. Charles Shafer, a very honest, hard working, very experienced, very effective attorney.”

James M. Feb 22, 2016

I would highly Recommend Charles Shafer to anyone seeking great representation.

“I was very fortunate when a friend referred me to Attorney Charles Shafer. In my legal situation which many may have found trivial, I found Mr. Shafer to be engaged, focused, determined and thorough. I am confident that in him I have the best representation available and that with him I have the greatest opportunity for a successful outcome. He instills in me a trust which, in these modern times, is not easily given.”

Ray S., Feb 2, 2016

I think Mr. Shafer is a hard working, dedicated man.

“Mr. Shafer represented me on my criminal case. I think Mr. Shafer is a hard working, dedicated man, very good at what he does, and I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. It was dismissed. Thank you.”

Antonio T., Jan 29, 2016

T. Charles Shafer and staff were amazing.

“T. Charles Shafer and staff were amazing. I felt so comfortable explaining my situation and felt understood and in good hands. My case was taken care of quickly and handled with care. I would highly recommend Mr. Shafer and would use him again in the future.”

Kristin, Jan 28, 2016

I would recommend Mr. T. Charles Shafer to anyone who needs kind, gentle words of advice.

“Mr. Shafer represented me in a criminal case. I am writing a letter of gratitude because, when I was charged with a felony, he had it reduced to a misdemeanor and actually saved everything I worked all my life for. My wife and my family moved to Florida in the summer of 2015. This was something I had dreamed of all my life. His quick actions and decision making helped save my life, my family’s future, and everything I worked all my life for. I would recommend Mr. T. Charles Shafer to anyone who needs kind, gentle words of advice. His actions are far above and beyond my expectations of any firm my family or myself had called on in the past. Barbara and Mr. Shafer are not only business clients, they are my brother and sister, friends, and a Blessing to myself and my family. Words I express here are not enough to show the appreciation I hold in my heart for Mr. Shafer and Ms. Barbara. May God Always Bless Them.”

Peter M., Jan 28, 2016

I Quickly Noticed How Careful, How Detailed And Empathetic Chuck Was.

“I am extremely happy and consider myself lucky to have met Chuck Shafer. I had the unfortunate experience of being arrested for the first time in my life for a misdemeanor. I was recommended by a good friend of mine and business consultant to contact Chuck Shafer for legal representation. After doing so, I quickly noticed how careful, how detailed and empathetic Chuck was during this emergency-crisis in my life. During the entire 6-month legal process it felt as if Chuck was holding my hand, assuring me of matters, advising me carefully and extremely detailed at explaining all options. I am pleased to recommend Chuck and to say, with my hand on my heart, that he is a first-class attorney.”

Frank, Jul 19, 2015

Mr. Shafer And His Trained Staff Have Done An Excellent Job.

“Mr. Shafer and his trained staff have done an excellent job representing me in my former case. I would highly recommend hiring Mr. Shafer. If I had used any one else, I feel my results wouldn’t be Nolle Processed and I would still be in court. I have been represented by many lawyers in the past and Mr. Shaffer is far superior to all others.”

David, Jul 23, 2015

Mr. Shafer Is Not Only A Great Lawyer But He’s Kind, Empathetic, And Respectful

“Mr. Shafer is not only a great lawyer but he’s kind, empathetic, respectful, & if he’s not sure of something he tells you & LOOKS for the answers-traits you don’t find in many attorneys. When my son was stopped & ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign & then ticketed for additional (trumped up) charges, Mr Shafer was able to get all the charges dropped. It was a scary time for us because my son does have a “past” & could’ve faced jail time. We have since called upon Mr Shafer for different matters & he has offered invaluable advice. Strongly recommend this office.”

A Satisfied Criminal Defense Client, Aug 11, 2015

Mr. Shafer Is An Outstanding Attorney.

“Mr. Shafer is an outstanding attorney. He recently represented me in Federal Court on a criminal charge. He was well prepared, knowledgeable, and professional. Mr. Shafer helped me handle the difficult situation and he treated me with respect. He worked with the prosecuting attorney and hammered out an acceptable and fair plea deal. In court Mr. Shafer showed his years of expertise and again he was very professional. He has a great reputation in our community and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

A Satisfied Client, Aug 21, 2015

He really listened to my story and took the time to understand my case.

“Mr. Shafer represented me in a family law case. My whole family was being torn apart since we were sidetracked by someone that was supposed to be close to us. I didn’t know what to do so I called around to a few lawyers and no one seemed to care or call me back. So I called Mr. Shafer’s office and spoke with Joanne. She was so kind and caring and quickly fit me in for a consultation with Mr. Shafer. He really listened to my story and took the time to understand my case, even though my court date was quickly approaching. At court Mr. Shafer fought for my family and I. The case was dismissed and now we can put this issue behind us and move on with our lives!”

Hilary, Sep 23, 2015

I Was Very Pleased With The Competent Service He Provided.

“Charles Shafer recently represented me. I was very pleased with the competent service he provided. He certainly looked out for my best interests. He provided good advice with the available options presented in a very organized and understandable format. I also discovered, he extended efforts, not readily obvious to me, that were designed to assure my interests were protected. Both he and his assistant Barbara were polite, easy to talk with, and available for discussions and questions. I would certainly recommend Charles Shafer without reservation.”

Barry, Nov 16, 2015

All Of His Advice And Explanations Was Spot On

“As a first timer involved in an arrest I was looking for someone with years of experience. My choice paid off as a result. Mr. Shafer took all the time I requested to explain in great detail all that would happen. As someone who was very frightened, he put me at great ease in knowing all would turn out well. All of his advice and explanations was spot on, and my case went as well as I could have hoped. Thank you very much for your efforts”

Jim, Nov 5, 2015