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What Are The Defense Strategies Utilized In These Cases?

Self-defense is certainly an option, especially if there is some indication of the alleged aggressor or my client having wounds of his own or her own. A lot of times, it is a matter of trying to protect oneself from the individual who is attacking them. If that is reflected in a police report that certainly is a very viable defense and it happens often. Especially when there are drugs or alcohol involved. Also, it is good to look in to motivations. If there is a child custody case involved, divorce or property to be determined, or if one party or the other simply has health problems, then it is something to look in to as well.

Even though the prior incidents involving crimes of violence might not be admissible on trial, but they certainly are admissible in terms of alerting a State Attorney to the individual that is claiming to be the victim here. I have five people that he or she hit after she got drunk. It can go a long way towards the resolution of a case, short of a conviction. So there are a lot of ins and outs that depend on the facts based on the particular incident and the individuals involved in that incident.

How Serious Are Domestic Violence Allegations In Florida?

When someone is arrested on a domestic charge, they are typically held without the availability to make bond until what is known as a First Appearance in Florida. That is the time when they can come before the court. Generally, they are held up in jail and they come in by video tape to a First Appearance officer or judge who then sets the bond. I think that they are very serious. A domestic violence battery conviction can keep you from owning firearms not in state court, but federally a domestic violence conviction is a bar to firearms possession. Plus the fact, a conviction will stay on your record for lifetime.

There is no way to get this off your record and future employers will be able to see your records. It is going to give the public a certain thought about whom you are and what your make up is and your inability to control your anger. If you are convicted, that stays with you. Unfortunately, the mass murderer in Orlando had domestic violence incidents. I do not know if they became convictions, but they were certainly red flags of his history. It paints you with a very serious negative brush. Plus the fact that you face up to a year in the county jail on a domestic battery and if you commit an aggravated battery by breaking a bone or battery by strangulation as a felony, then you face up to five years of incarceration in a state prison.

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Having A Domestic Battery Charge On Someone’s Life?

We have recently had a Supreme Court decision where two men were appealing. They were found guilty of federal firearms violations and had a conviction for domestic assault. Supreme Court upheld the federal statute and upheld those convictions. So if you have a domestic battery conviction, you are federally not supposed to own or possess firearms. Even more importantly, if it is a domestic battery conviction, which is on your record, anyone who wants to look at you in terms of being employable can run your record and see that. Nowadays, it is a competitive job market and you may be stricken as a potential employee just from looking at the paperwork. You may not even be able to get in to an interview. That is the practical aspect of it.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Domestic Battery Cases?

We treat this case like we treat all others. I try to do everything I can to keep my clients from ever having to face a jail sentence and we leave no stone unturned as it were, in order to uncover items of evidence that can be used in our clients favor. We are rather tireless at that, and my reputation has been built on zealous representation of my clients.

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