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BlueBird Educational Foundation to Host Quartet

The BlueBird Educational Foundation is hosting a concert on Friday, December 7th at the Sunrise Theater Black Box. The Dominik Farinacci Quartet will be performing starting at 7pm. Farinacci is an American jazz trumpeter, composer, and big band leader. Tickets are only $20 and are available through the Sunrise Theater. For more information about the BlueBird Educational Foundation or the concert, please call 460-6493 or visit us online at bluebirdfoundation.com. BlueBird Educational Foundation is a local non-profit in Fort Pierce that supports students through scholarships and provides instruments to students in need. The organization was founded in 2008, with the… Read More →

Fleeing On Foot Negates Constitutional Protections

If you flee on foot after being stopped by law enforcement, know that anything you dispose of (‘abandon”) will be able to be used against you, because you lose the right to challenge the constitutionality of the stop and seizure of your person.  This is a direct result of your flight.  Thus, even if the initial stop is deemed unconstitutional, you lose constitutional protections, so that evidence otherwise inadmissible will now be used against you. For example, you are in a car that is stopped by police looking for someone. The car’s description given to police is so vague as… Read More →

Getting Your Car Fixed After An Accident

When you have had a motor vehicle accident, you probably do not have the luxury of being able to go without your car for very long. Waiting for the repairs to be completed may be very frustrating, and the process may seem very slow. It can be especially difficult to deal with when you have also been injured in the accident. When the other driver is at fault, there are certain things you should do to make certain that driver’s insurance company pays for the repairs to your car so you can concentrate on your own recovery. Claims that might… Read More →